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Delta 2023: Edevbie’s Development Agenda is Very Clear

By Lawrence Oyibo

A recent advise by the Movement for Stronger Delta calling on various aspirants seeking nomination for various positions on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party would come off as one of the most responsible statements in the current political environment in Delta State.

The statement titled: “Tell Deltans What You Have For Them,” also called on both statutory and special delegates to, as representatives of the people in the nomination process, take their mandate very responsibly and sacred, to look beyond mere rhetorics and demand to see and analyse the vision and agenda of the aspirants for the overriding interest of the development of the state.

Olorogun David Edevbie has always held that power is for the purpose of development and the the true contract with the people is in declaring his vision and agenda for the development of the state and his capacity to achieve them.

This has been the currency of Edevbie’s engagement with the populace while other aspirants have engaged in such other things like bamboozling the people with false claims of endorsements, mudslinging, name calling and several acts that do not address the development needs of the people.

Edevbie’s vision is the modernisation of Delta State. This is couched on the cardinal agendas of Industrialisation, Energy, Security, Social Infrastructure, Jobs and Wealth Creation and Public Service Reforms.

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The industrialisation agenda starts with breathing life into existing industrial parks, creating new industrial hubs across parts of the state and attracting higher involvement and investments from the private sector to spark off a high level of industrial activities, greater commerce, increased generation of employment opportunities and a multiplicity of platforms for local enterprises with a view of creating a more robust economy.

The plan will also see the reactivation of operations at the Warri, Burutu and Koko ports as well as the diversification of the economic base of the state away from dependence on allocations from oil proceeds to the exploration of the vast economic opportunities in agriculture, mineral resources and diverse human talents.

To achieve the desired industrialisation requires adequate electricity and it is in his plan to provide a 500 Mega Watts Independent Power Plant for round-the-clock energy supply to support the industries, local enterprises and comfortable life across communities.

These also can only be sustained with the guarantee of adequate security, and his plan is to localise the command of the security architecture to involve traditional and community institutions, create greater synergy with the regular security agencies, improve communications and understanding with the Federal Government, improve the State Security Trust Fund with greater support from the private sector, introduce new technologies and modern devices in surveillance and crime fighting.

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It is also his belief that greater employment and wealth creation opportunities through industrialisation will enhance more positive and gainful engagements to redirect youths from criminal vices.

On infrastructure, the state will witness a boost with his master plan and integrated approach to the provision of social infrastructure – from housing to education, to transportation, to roads and bridges, to health, safe drinking water etc.

While that is going on, Edevbie also sees the need for urban renewal of our towns and cities and has suggested the possibility of light rail networks and an inter-modal transportation system.

Apart from the general infrastructural needs common to all communities, he has identified the peculiar needs of various districts and has espoused his plans to address them.

For instance, he has committed to opening up our riverine communities with a coastal and inner roads networks across the various districts for interconnectivity, greater penetration of infrastructure, industries and commercial activities to improve the standard of living and quality of life of the people.

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He has also indicated his intention to establish higher institutions of learning to also serve population that are in need.

Same way, he has identified the need to deploy the Ecological Fund to frontally address environmental degradation, especially the scourge of erosion in Delta North communities and negative outcomes of oil production and mining activities in other parts.

Edevbie’s public service reform agenda will witness the re-invigoration of the local governments to be more effective in the funding and provision of infrastructural services to their communities as well as the introduction of new technologies and the training and retraining of personal to upscale the efficiency, effectiveness and motivation of public service institutions.

He has also promised to address the issue of indebtedness to pensioners and retirees by paying off the backlog of gratuities within one year in office, so that senior citizens and those who have dedicated a good part of their life to the service of the state do not retire to penury.

Edevbie promises many more and the people know that he has the capacity to deliver on his promises given his well known credentials, competence and experience.

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