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MSD Cautions Desperate Politicians, Says Delta PDP United Behind Governor Okowa

The Movement for Stronger Delta, MSD has reacted strongly to a recent letter to the PDP National Chairman, titled: “DELTA GUBERNATORIAL 2023: H.E. GOV IFEANYI OKOWA’S CONDUCT IS THREATENING THE UNITY OF PDP IN DELTA STATE” and signed by Afro Biaredeh (Delta South), Ogheneruona Odafe (Delta Central) and Osita Alaska (Delta North), describing the letter as desperation taken too far, by some distressed, desolate detractors, who are sponsored faceless stooges and imposters, masquerading as party members, to cry wolf where there is none.

A terse, but very concise statement by the MSD, dismissed the letter as a wasted, baseless, and kindergarten attempt by crude and analog politicians, to arrogate non-existent regional credibility to their puerile political immaturity, even as the pan-Delta group assured with full conviction that the entire membership of the Delta PDP is solidly behind Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, as the leader of the party in the State.

“As a responsible socio/political pressure group, our first reaction to the letter was to conduct a discreet, but very proper investigation to ascertain the identities of these ‘letter writers’ and we were not surprised to discover that they were not only very fake, but that none of these names, according to impeccable party sources from the respective zones, have contributed anything notable, tangible or even newsworthy, to the party in the Senatorial zones they claim to represent.

“Infact, if they ever existed in the membership rolls of the PDP, then they must have been notorious renegades, masquerading as party members and waiting for a time like this, to unravel whatever devious plot they were planted in the midst of the party, to execute.

“It is indeed very sad and unfortunate that in this day and age, when smart politicians are exploring robust, development-oriented strategies, to deepen and strengthen our democratic processes, especially in the area of participatory franchise, which gives power to the people, some others are still operating with the neanderthal archaic mindset of invoking ancient, old fashioned gimmicks, to infuse zonal credibility to their verbiage, when indeed the Party has well established, nationally recognized and fully operational leadership structures, not just at the zones, but across the board from Unit, to Ward and Local Governments, as well as State and the national body.

“Again, it is obvious that the sponsors of these faceless stooges, are not even aware that in PDP, as we rightly know, the resounding slogan is: “Party is Supreme” and the teeming masses of loyal members, cutting across the three Senatorial zones of the State, are very articulate, committed and unwavering in their staunch resolve to remain faithful and support totally, the clear vision and direction of the leadership of the party that will ultimately ensure and secure resounding victory in all the elections.

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“That’s why the party has been so successful and victorious over the years.

“We find it very hilarious and indeed an act of desperation taken too far, to even imagine, as alleged by the “zonal letter writers”, that a political grandmaster, an esteemed and wholeheartedly loved and respected leader like Ekwueme, would stoop so low as to force or coerce the very capable, responsible and proud PDP members of the party, to do something that they themselves are not already willing and determined to do in the first place.

“Okowa is too sophisticated to play that kind of crude, petty politics. His gentle presence alone, complemented by twin elemental manifestations of his meekness and humble mien and the monumental force of cerebral brilliance embedded in the gravity of his soft-spoken flawless oratory, commands phenomenal awe, respect, and acceptance.

“Perhaps, what the ignoble “letter writers” have managed to describe, is what actually happens and is most likely going to happen again, in other mushroom parties, but in the PDP that we know, the members will always fall behind and follow whoever is capable and has the popular appeal, capacity and wherewithal to win elections for the party and that is why the party is Supreme, always.

“As a truly democratic party, with the clear objective of ensuring that the principles and ethics of democracy have continued to flourish and define its actions and statements, the PDP has already exhibited its avowed determination to provide a level playing field for all aspirants, by ensuring that they have direct access to all Delegates in all the Local Government Areas and the three Senatorial zones and we are pleased to note that many of these interactions have been widely reported, particular by the media handlers of the aspirants themselves.

“Interestingly too, there have not been any reports or complaints or allegations by any of the aspirants of being denied access to any delegate or party leader and the PDP has continued to maintain at every given opportunity and interaction with the aspirants and stakeholders, as was evidenced in its last stakeholders meeting at Government House, Asaba, that it is very poised to fulfill the pledge of providing a level playing field all the way.

“We are therefore surprised at where the three fake musketeers “letter writers” got the unsubstantiated and misleading information about the activities of Governor Okowa from, just as we were amused by the avalanche of unfounded rumours and wicked lies always making the rounds, including a ‘walk-out’ that never happened, during the last stakeholders meeting.

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“The PDP, without doubt, is the most, organized, most prepared, and most supported party in Delta State and the members have always been free and unhindered to follow who they wish to follow and support anyone who appeals to their ultimate goal and satisfies their supreme desire to secure and guarantee victory for the party at every elective level, which is the number one concern and achievement of every political party.

“It is even on record and we challenge anyone to report otherwise, that the party’s State Executive Committee and Leadership, have opened its doors wide to all aspirants for consultations and we are happy to state without fear of contradiction, that the PDP has welcomed all those nursing ambitions, who have come into its Secretariat, with open arms and a warm, comforting embrace, offered like family members to one and all. Even the contestants will attest to this wonderful and sincere conviviality, which has been widely publicized.

“The MSD is of the strongest opinion that, only detractors, frightened aspirants who have no structures worthy of serious consideration, and indeed, only those traitors and betrayers who have perfected plans to attempt to sabotage the PDP, in the futile hope that they may weaken its formidable force against an opposition that is already clearly frigid with fear, that will contrive such a devious missive to distract and divert the national leadership of the party with such infantile allegations, when all eyes and efforts are focused towards reclaiming Aso Rock in 2023.

“The Movement for Stronger Delta, can report without fear or favour, that in Delta State today, most PDP members and indeed the majority of Deltans, as our comprehensive findings have revealed, are very much aware that the opposition, which exists only in name anyways, is already distraught by the obvious failures of their inept and ineffective propaganda and are now demoralized, pessimistic and nursing defeatist tendencies, as the robust and dynamic issue-based consultations of the gallant, courageous, noble, distinguished aspirants of the PDP in their numbers, grow in massive leaps and bounds and gathers tremendous, irreversible momentum, that will crush every seen and unforeseen obstacle, both within and without, on the now familiar march, to another unstoppable victory.

“It will therefore not be out of place for a movement which believes and is determined to promote every effort to achieve a #Stronger Delta, to therefore use this medium, to apologize to the brand new, indefatigable PDP National Chairman, His Excellency, Senator, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, former President of the Nigerian Senate, former Federal Minister in the Ministries of Education, Industry, Internal Affairs, Environment; a highly cerebral and distinguished Lecturer and an outstanding Nigerian of unquestionable Integrity, who has never had any “forgiven” corruption or fraud allegation against him before anti-corruption agencies, to smear and blemish his good name, for the unsolicited embarrassment and needless disturbance, which this uncouth, ill-advised and apparently provocative “letter” may have stirred in any way.

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“We also wish to assure the noble National Chairman of the PDP that the party in Delta State, led by the dynamic, articulate, astute, visionary and strategically unmatched and unparalleled Governor, Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, is a highly disciplined, very conscious, enlightened and united party, that is unequivocally committed to the mandate to deliver Delta State under your watch and leadership as national chairman, to the PDP, as usual.

“Delta PDP is one big, united family under Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as we have come to realize that those expressing and invoking anti-Okowa sentiments and scenarios, are merely mischief-makers, acting out a badly written script, by suspected saboteurs and opposition agents.

“Please be informed Your Excellency and the dear National Chairman in whom Delta PDP is obviously well pleased with your wise and focused management of the party affairs since you assumed office by overwhelming, unanimous consensus and endorsement, that the chorus on most of the streets in the State is that PDP is Delta and Delta is PDP.

“The opposition has not done anything and really has nothing to offer Deltans, except dubious, greedy and misguided “letter writers”, rumour mongers, and disgruntled elements, who they have surreptitiously deployed, just like they did at the national level to steal the peoples’ mandate, to attempt to cause the same deceitful disaffection in Delta State. But today Nigerians are wiser and Deltans will never fall for such obnoxious trickery.

“The glaring fact Mr. Chairman Sir, is that with Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, leading the electoral war from the front, the battle to secure, retain and consolidate Delta State as a solid bastion of the PDP, will be achieved with landslide success in 2023. We challenge the opposition to provide compelling evidence to the contrary.

“We want to state categorically and for the avoidance of doubt, that the quest to secure and consolidate a #StrongerDelta, is a task for all Deltans.

That, as we have always declared consistently, is the very SIMPLE Agenda.

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