Nic-Ola Beauty Sparkles Corner: Let Love Lead

Nic-Ola by Vera Oferede

New Month Motivation
Let Love Lead

“Pure and True  love have no conditions or boundaries.
Love does not restrain itself or hold back.
Love gives all the time and doesn’t ask for anything in return.
Love is a continuous flow without any limits.
And all of this is inside you.”

Let love lead in all you do in 2017, love everyone around you without expecting anything in return from them.
Love even strangers that come to you to seek help.
Love even those that hate you even though you know them, never repay them back with evil.
Love yourself always and be happy always with the way God has made you.

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Remember always that you are the apple of God’s eyes and that He has made you for a purpose.

Be blessed my dear.

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