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Some Of The Lessons Learnt in Planning/Executing Vision Empowering Deltans With Nic/Ola Beauty Sparkles

1) Always Do the needful and leave God to give the result.

When the vision came and we started preparing for it, Ii had fears, I worried countless times if people would show up, I mean participants, but God was too faithful to fail.

2) Expect Criticism

Yea, in preparing for the programme, a couple of persons we approached for sponsorship etc, literally told me nobody will come, they saw it as a waste of time, but God was too faithful to bring that which He hasn’t commanded to come to pass.

3) In Pursuit of your Dream, Put all of your Trust in God Alone

Men, i mean men & women will make promises to you, trust me they are just human, they will fail you because they are mere flesh, they are meant to fail, but God will never fail you. He will give you the right connections you need for all of your dreams to come true.

4) Expect Disappointments

Exactly 3 weeks to the commencing date, my car drop dead, I was devastated cos I needed it badly & the mechanics charge wasn’t fair either, I packed it there and continued on foot & keke, there was disappointments from some of the facilitators, on the first day itself, one stopped taking my calls, but God immediately brought us someone much better, so disappointments are signs of progress, it tells you that you are doing the right thing, stay on track, don’t give up, if nobody show up to support you, trust me God will raise  stones to Glorify His name in your life. Amen

5) People Will Try To Take Advantage Of You

A man told me he liked what am doing, he liked the vision to empower people, that he likes helping young girls that are hardworking, that He will get himself & some other persons to sponsor us so that participants will get materials for practicals, that was beautiful to me, not until he requested to sleep with me.

In so many different ways people will try to take advantage of you, of your dream, cos they know you need help. Honey they are people, they are not God, giving in to their demands is choice but for me is a big mighty NO.

6) Never do barter base on Promises or Assumptions

Never render free services with hopes of getting something in return from the other person, especially when it is not documented. Is either they pay your full service charge or you can give discount if you so desire.

7) Always Build The Right Team & Keep Your Shoulders High

Without the right team, your dreams will not always come true in full, because every great vision needs the right persons for it to actualise in full. Meaning you cannot always do it alone. You need people, but you need the right people more so the dream can come alive.

8) Kill The Fear

Fear is a force, a negative force that we don’t need at all. The age range for the programme says 16-25, 26 plus, 45&above, people questioned that what can a 45 above learn, that kinda create a fear in me that i almost removed that age range, thank God for my team, they always say no, but to the Glory of God, some of the top participants were mothers over 50 years of age. Feel free to feel the fear but do it anyways.

9) Always Stay Grateful

One thing i told Gold was that even if a thousand persons shows up, or a hundred or even 1 person alone shows, i will make you sure we impact all that we had prepared to impact on that one soul alone gladly, and i will remain grateful, yes that promise is true.

10) Thank you for reading, now pls share this with your loved ones to inspire them.

Nic-Ola Beauty Sparkles Corner By:

Miss Ngozi Vera Oferede,

CEO @ Nic-Ola Beauty Sparkles

Nigerian Wedding MUAs Pro Muas & Educators.

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