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Delta-O-Delta: Much Ado about Nothing

By Ejiro Nomuoja

It has been most unfortunate to observe that certain persons under the inebriated influence of their so called political offices in this current administration of Elder Sheriff Oborevwori, the Executive Governor of Delta State, would choose to launch into internet tirades all in the name of calling out Chief James Ibori over his recent remarks concerning the upliftment of our Dear Sate from the current political and administrative quagmire which is currently being witnessed especially with the looming security issues.

I am not holding brief for Chief James Ibori but quite frankly I must say it is time we finally put to rest the episode of the Southwark Crown Court and give the Ex- governor James Ibori a breather. For every utterance or action of his, his past has been held over him like the hangman’s noose to the extent that young and unknown political appointees seeking to validate and safeguard their political offices by constantly using his past travails in an attempt to rubbish his person.

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Ibori is a man who fought to sustain resource control within the Niger Delta States. A battle that penciled him down for destruction, but beyond all that he is still standing firm. His love for the State cannot be put to question.

Delta O Delta! Was just a response to a series of lectures to which he was invited, his concern and love for Delta State being reiterated; but alas! The attention seeking E-rats who clearly lack basic comprehension decided to escalate it to another dimension by casting aspersions on the person of Chief Ibori claiming that he his mocking the current Governor.

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Chief Ibori, in age and political experience is on a different pedestal with the current Governor, and yes, Chief Ibori has every right to offer his help, I pray that the current political office holders will try to concentrate on the portfolio of their offices (if they have any)and desist from these needless attacks on the former Governor, whom I call the proverbial cat with nine lives.

There is a Greek saying that goes thus; ‘Your second life begins when you almost know you have lost out of the first one’.

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Chief James Ibori’s ordeal in the United Kingdom could have cost him his Life and all political relevance , thankfully the contrary is the case as he is currently enjoying a new lease of life which just might be the cause of all this insecurity amongst and his political foes, detractors(and E-rats). A simple advice to call for help has been misconstrued as mockery instead of the simple offer of help that it was.

I encourage the current Governor, to hone his appointees and to put aside any political differences and/or sentiment and heed this call, as Chief James Ibori means well, all he seeks is the Unity and Progress of our dear Delta State.

Ejiro Nomuoja Esq via mail on

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