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Buying Land In Asaba: 5 Simple Process To Follow

By Mishael Abilogun

Buying land in Asaba is a good achievement. While this bustling city offers real estate opportunities, it is helpful to review the due process to avoid buying the wrong land or getting scammed.

This short article explains 5 steps every intending land buyer should adhere to while buying land in the capital territory of Delta State.


Having a budget will help determine your preferred location and avoid spending your time searching for a property outside your financial status.

Your preferred location can greatly affect the price of the land. Having a strict budget will confine your search to a location that fits your budget.

It can be easy to get carried away with the many mouth-watering offers. A budget would save you from going into debt just to acquire a piece of land.

While planning your budget, you must save for additional expenses like agent fees, documentation fees, and even development fees.

For example, if your budget is 5 million naira, you shouldn’t buy land above 3-4 million.


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Consulting with agents or realtors in Asaba can help you get lands that meet your budget and preferred location.

You can begin your search by visiting property listing websites like Jiji, PropertyPro, NigeriaPropertycenter, PrivateProperty, and many others.

Narrow your search to your preferred location and budget.

You can also ask friends to refer a trusted agent for you or could search online.

A simple Google search for top real estate agencies in Asaba can be helpful.

Ask these agents for options within your budget and preferred location.

Ask for images and videos of the said piece of land for sale.

Choose the best option that fits into your budget and location comfortably.


The next step is to physically inspect the land.

Your purpose of land inspection is to verify the claims of the seller and the agent.

Check if there has been any encroachment on the land or any encumbrances on the land.

Look out for physical proof of ownership such as a fence, gatehouse, and foundation.

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Another thing to consider is the topography of the land.

Is the land along a steep hill?

Is it a dry land?

Is the area affected by flooding?

What is the land size?

Look at the environment.

Would it be suitable for your buying needs such as housing, retail complexes, or hotels?

While inspecting the property, ask for the legal titles on the land.


After inspection and you are satisfied with the location of the land, you must verify the true owners of the land.

Request for copies of the titles on the land and forward all copies to your lawyer to verify all legal titles on the land.

Your lawyer should be able to confirm titles that have been registered with the Ministry of Lands and Survey in Delta State.

Ask for the land’s survey plan and confirm with your surveyor if they are registered.

It can be a stressful process but trust me, you don’t want the stress that comes from buying a government-owned land or buying another individual’s land.

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Only after confirming the legal owners of the land should you proceed to the next step.


To solidify your interest in the land, make payment.

You must make such payments through your bank with a clear description of the purpose of payment.

If you intend to pay install mentally, get a written contract of the transaction that includes the purchase price, the payment schedule, and the completion date. This contract should be between both parties.

Have the seller’s lawyer create a legal title that establishes a transfer of interest and ownership to your name.


Only a handful of decisions can be more important than a land purchase. It is important to follow due process to avoid making mistakes and saving your hard-earned money from scammers.

While this process may take days or even weeks, a safer investment can save you from years of land disputes.

Need a land for sale in Asaba?

Let a reliable agent help you with your purchase.

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