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Called to Glory



By Favour Chukwunoyenim

*CALLED TO GLORY is not for the man who’s now dead,

*In whose lifetime, neglected the good news he heard.

*In my living body, I am the one CALLED TO GLORY,

*And this is real, much more than a story.


*He bought me, blest me and empowered me.

*Gave me His spirit, made me just as He is,

*Became poor that I might be rich,

*Was slain that I might live.


*Called me out of the darkness in which many still grope,

*Blest me with all blessings,

*Given me all that concerns life,

*Made me his icon and representation,

*Such that as He is, so am I in this world.

*This is so profound, indeed it’s true.

*I have been CALLED TO GLORY and virtue,

*To show forth Beauty, Majesty and Excellence.


*Yes an excellency He’s made me,

*As I believed Him and confessed Him as Lord,

*I was then CALLED TO GLORY.

*I am the Light of the world,

*Showing men the way they must go.

*I arise and shine because I’ve been CALLED TO GLORY,

*I shine brighter than the sun, brighter than the stars.


*He made me His masterpiece, centerpiece and workmanship.

*Bestowing great treasures in me, a clayey vessel.

*Calling me to realms that transcend the terrestrial,

*With an ever increasing splendour and grandeur,

*A pulsating life that reaches the sublime and celestial.

*That’s my CALL TO GLORY.


*A call to take up serpents without being hurt.

*A call to live like God and become as He is even in this world.

*A call to arise above fear and condemnation, sin, sickness and death.

*I have been CALLED TO GLORY.


*Why remain in the dark alley? Come to Glory street,

*Where there’s no darkness and shadows of your past misdeeds,

*Where you exchange your weakness for strength

*Sickness for health and receive life for death

*The stains are much but they don’t matter,

*In fact it makes it easier so my friend why bother?

*Draw closer and be CALLED TO GLORY,

*You’ll no more see yourself as before,

*You become as Him, a true Victor.

*My people, it is my beautiful story,

*That indeed I’ve been CALLED TO GLORY.

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