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Prince Ned Nwoko
Prince Ned Nwoko

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Service, Philanthropy: Hallmarks of Ned Nwoko’s Leadership Style

By Patrick Ochei

Since the inception of my professional practice from mainstream to community journalism, I have never seen a man so rich and so down to earth at the same time like Prince Ned Nwoko.

No wonder he has become a household name, not just in Anioma or Delta State, but Nigeria and world over.

There are people one could swear never to come in contact with ever in life, even at first encounter, but not Ned.

A casual meeting with him is an everlasting impression, even when you still have opportunity for several encounters going forward.

Those of us who have become passionately emotional working with Ned do so because, goodness is an attractive trait (ifedinma na anya bu nwanne).

Ned has become the cynosure of all eyes as far as Goodness is concerned; an attribute which has transcended into a trademark of Service and Philanthropy.

Talk about an international personality who is always eager to serve humanity and Ned comes to play. I have seen him serve children, the elderly, the physically challenged, the widows and the less privileged. I have watched Ned serve communities, organizations and  government.

His service to his community, Idumuje-Ugboko is something that has kept many awed.

Even with all clandestine opposition to his vision of setting up a Sports University in his home town of Idumuje Ugboko, he had remained committed, not deterred, not demoralised. He believes nothing can stop him from helping his people develop, helping the youths with opportunities of being gainfully employed and helping to congregate enormous economic value in the community and beyond.

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My uncle who is a lecturer at the Babcock University, Chief Dr. John Ochei told me after a group of academicians visited Ned to discuss the University at the proposal stage. “I  have never seen someone like Ned. What manner of man is so much in love with  his community. When other communities were donating lands to him to build the University, he insisted he must site it in Idumuje-Ugboko as a perpetual legacy he had dreamt to bequeath to his community and people”.

He concluded, “I love Ned Nwoko for who he is, we may never have someone like him to do us this monumental favour in Anioma.”

The services of Ned Nwoko can never be overstated. I know his Palatial Castle at Ugboko is always a Mecca of sort, whether he is in town or not. But I didn’t know that his private residence in Abuja is equally serving the same free access purpose until I visited with some of my colleagues. We were on our way from Kano and I just put a call to him to say we went to Kano and we were coming back towards Abuja. He just said, stop over in Abuja, come to my house to relax for a while. The next thing he sent his address.

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Why didn’t we think of the Senator representing us or any other Delta State representative in Abuja? Previous experiences wouldn’t even throw up such recollection. But being a man that values relationship, immediately I announced in the bus that Ned had invited us to his house, all the tired unionists in the bus were happy.

Perhaps, the treat that the Star Prince gave us in Abuja is better imagined. He didn’t only sit down discussing with us, he served us drinks, he served us food personally; even my national leader was pushing him as they crack jokes and argue.

And for him, we couldn’t continue our journey back to Asaba that day, we slept over comfortably, thanks to Ned who gave us a lavished accommodation.

Prince Ned Nwoko epitomizes philanthropy. That’s why he is a man of the crowd. Wherever, he is or goes, you see crowd thronging in. He does not complain, neither is he at any point perturbed about doing good and helping out those in need.

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He is a special breed when it comes to helping people; he thinks of people first.

How can you fathom a man running a delegates election, yet has all the time attending to groups and sponsoring organizational events for groups and individuals. It is nothing short of his humanity and love for the general good of people around him.

Ned Nwoko is a people’s delight. That is why his senatorial election is beyond the delegates election (primaries). I know the delegates know what to do, they don’t need a soothsayer to tell them the choice to make. The pendulum has naturally swung towards Ned, as the type of politician naturally needed at this time to salvage the Anioma nation from years of retrogressive and selfish representation.

What we have always is a leadership of self, isolation and tinted glass. Now, we need someone that will serve us and share from our burden.

That person is Prince Ned Nwoko. Apart from his holistic approach to leadership, Service and Philanthropy have remained the hallmarks of his leadership style, which are the desires of the Anioma people.

PDP delegates, nominate and follow a GOOD man  – NED NWOKO.

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