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See 12 Reasons Why It’s Better For Ladies To Date An Older Man

Ladies commonly date men who are older than them, but it’s usually by just a couple of age difference. What about ladies who choose to date those significantly outside of their age range?

There are many reasons why women are attracted to men who could technically be their fathers. They may be older, but they’re usually wiser, better off financially and have many other appealing qualities.

He’s Better in Bed: Or at least he should be. Older men have more experience and therefore should know a thing or two about pleasing a woman. That hot 20-something may just want to quickly satisfy his needs, while that sexy older guy has no problem taking his time.

He’s Financially Stable: He’s been working for a while, so unless he’s divorced and owes a lot of money on alimony, he has a decent sized nest egg.

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He’s Mature: He probably doesn’t want to go out to bars every weekend. And he won’t make drunken passes at your girlfriends. Older guys have generally put their party days behind them and prefer quieter, more sedate dates.

He’s Not Obsessed With Social Media: Sure, lots of older people are socially connected online. But they usually aren’t glued to their smart devices 24/7. He may be so old fashioned that he prefers to talk to you on the phone rather than text.

He’s Better At Communicating: Older guys are less interested in playing games with their partners. They’re more straight forward and willing to listen to their girlfriends instead of trying to guess what they’re thinking.

He Knows What He Wants: When guys are young, they may vacillate about the future because they’re not sure what they want. An older man has already been through his growing pains and has a pretty clear idea of what he wants his future to look like and whether it includes marriage and children.

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He Knows Who He Is: Unless you meet him during a mid-life crisis, older guys are pretty set in their routines and are comfortable with who they are. What you see is what you get.

He’s More Willing To Settle Down: Maybe he’s been married before or is tired of the dating scene. An older guy is usually more open to commitment compared to some younger men who still want to sow their wild oats.

He’s Wiser: The older you are, the more experienced you are, both physically and emotionally. Older men have (hopefully) learned from their mistakes and strive to make their relationships better in the future.

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He’s Accepts You For You: The older you get, the more you realize that you can’t change people, including your significant other. An older man is more likely to appreciate your idiosyncrasies and accept you for you are.

He Spends More Time With You: Time is precious, especially when you’re with your loved ones. While younger men are busy climbing the corporate ladder and still hanging out with their buddies, older guys are slowing down and appreciate the time they can spend with their families.

He Appreciates Your Youth: He won’t take your youth for granted. In fact, he’ll appreciate the energy and excitement you bring to the relationship. And it will make him feel and act younger too!


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