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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: MSD is Standing Firm Only With Pan-Delta Candidates

The Movement for Stronger Delta MSD, read, amidst bouts of prolonged laughter, spontaneous doses of pity, and fleeting anger, the hurried, yet tepid, desperate, pathetic, knee-jerk, and obviously panicky tripe, of one Prince Isire, titled: “Delta 2023: MSD and the Shame of Sheriff”, which, in his opinion, is an apt response to our last statement: “Now That Sheriff Has been screened and duly cleared…”

We would have embarked on the usual formular of rejoinders by saying that “ordinarily we would not have joined issues with Prince Isire, bla bla bla…”, but we will skip all that rigmarole and cut straight to the chase viz:

1. We have the constitutional right, the social privilege, and the existential authority to speak up and support whoever we choose, whether it is on politics, or football matches, or even in popular seasonal TV reality shows like Big Brother Naija and Nigerian idol. In this politics and with all due respect to others, we have chosen to raise our voice for Sheriff Oborevwori.

2. Like we succinctly pointed out in our last statement: “A lie told very often will soon enough wear the garment of truth and if not challenged quickly and strongly, it becomes the truth or the illusion of truth”. But no matter how long the lie lasts, truth will surely shine through las las, as we say in Delta State.

And that is exactly what all the lies they were manufacturing and concocting against Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori was turning out to be, until very comprehensive and factual evidence, from the Schools he attended, supported of course by legally certified documentation, put a decisive and sustainable end to the lies and the truth came out, pure and clean.

We do not even know the manner of rumour mongering sources that feed them with vile information, but let’s just say for the purpose of clarity that the legal instances they have referenced have all been addressed by no less a body than the Supreme Court and we challenge them, if they are so confident of their facts, to institute legal action, which is the prerogative of all aggrieved persons, instead of spreading misleading, unsubstantiated misinformation in the public space.

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3. We had also pointed out in our earlier statement, that we would keep our gun powder dry until the screening and clearing were done and dusted and what we observed, unfortunately, with the calculated spate of attacks targeted at Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, is that those who are privileged in life will always try to stop the ordinary man who grew up on the streets, from rising to his full God-given potentials and will even do more to bring him down, when he has been lifted to the top by the Grace of God.

Those who are fighting Sheriff believe that because they are privileged they are superior to him but unless they are heathens or pagans, let them not forget that they did not become privileged by their own might or intelligence but that it is God alone who gives power and privileges. They should also do well to remember the poignant African Proverb by the great literary sage, Chinua Achebe in his iconic novel “Things Fall Apart” which advises that: “Those whose palm kernels have been cracked by benevolent spirits, should learn to be humble”.

As ordinary Deltans who believe that all Deltans are equal before God and man and anyone can rise to the top by hard work, including academic effort when required, we had to speak up for Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, when the attacks were becoming too much. We are still going to continue speaking for him and defending him whenever the need arises.

4. Let us state here categorically, that the Movement for Stronger Delta is not sycophantic or obsequiously partisan, but that doesn’t stop us from expressing our own critical analysis and informed comments on the internal operations of political parties, especially since our observations are optional and open to acceptance or otherwise, by political parties.

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And so in the light of that, and having comprehensively and critically appraised and reappraised the chances of the PDP in the 2023 Delta Governorship election, it is our unwavering opinion and position that Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori is the most capable electorally, the best equipped politically and the most formidable amongst all the PDP aspirant-gladiators, to lead and carry the ambitions and expectations of the party on his broad shoulders, in the tremendous political battle ahead, especially against an opponent which we all believe will be contesting under the flag of the APC. There is absolutely no doubt about this.

5. We also make bold to declare with all certainty, that political parties are the vessels and instruments through which political power is secured in a secular and pluralist political environment. The main objective therefore of any and every political party is to win elections, via the candidates it presents for any election, nothing more nothing less. To achieve this reality, a political party must therefore explore and embrace all its options, most especially, the strengths, advantages, political experiences, and other unique selling points of the candidates it will put forward for any elective position.

An election is both a game of numbers and popularity, for as it has often been jocularly posited in political circles, landslide victories in an election will always appear like rigging to your opponents, in an area where you are popular and in control. That is why most victorious candidates in any political party come with the full package, and not too much of an abundance in one thing and a complete lack of presence and non-existence in several other important things.

With all due respect to the outstanding and excellent pedigree of the Delta PDP guber aspirants still in the field and without any prejudice whatsoever to their reputational and existential vicissitudes, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori is the only aspirant, amongst all of them, who has the complete mix of overwhelming popularity, comprehensive political experience, firm and determined authority, laced with humility, a complete and loyal disciple of the party, whose simplicity is not only impressive and acceptable, but is also celebrated as a Pan-Delta personality who will carry the PDP all the way to victory in 2023.

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We need not say more, for as the sound Latin quotation aptly puts it: “res Ipsa Loquitur”…

Finally, let us state without equivocation or fear of contradiction, that the Movement for Stronger Delta, MSD is an independent, Pan-Delta socio-political voice which derives its Advocacy mandate and solidarity, from the visionary, futuristic and patriotic performances of His Excellency, Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, ‘Ekwueme gburugburu’, and the #StrongerDelta mantra, which desires to consolidate on the achievements of our founding fathers while setting down platforms and structures, with our own indigenous skills, talents, and assets and continue to sustain our sense of pride in the essence and sustenance of our cultural, homogeneous identities in a peaceful, harmonious co-existence.

MSD is not an Association tied to numbers, which the hapless Prince Isire has erroneously, but quite understandably sought to profile and define, given his own arcane, clandestine, and banal predilections, as revealed in his previous posts, for very pedestrian investigative sleuthing relying on such dubious, ambivalent platforms of frivolities like Facebook.

Government is a continuum and MSD is a MOVEMENT; an unstoppable force and a reformative idea which will partner with any Pan-Delta administration as they continue to set down the building bricks and legacy structures of a #Stronger Delta for all Deltans going forward. We own the space and we will continue to dominate the space until the unveiling of the mass Movement, which will overwhelm even the likes of Prince Isire and his sentimental simpletons, in the fullness of time.

But before that historic moment, we are proudly and unapologetically standing tall, firm, and strong with Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori. He is the Pan-Delta candidate and leader for an auspicious time like this, in Delta State.

And that, as we continue to maintain, is the SIMPLE Agenda.


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