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Owhefere’s Replacement: Isoko Renaissance Group Replies Ogorugba Led-Isoko North PDP

Re: Calumnious Campaign By Characters Behind IRG! When Desperation For Political Relevance And Power Drives People Nuts.

We read a 12-paragraph piece published by the Isoko north Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Mr Godwin Ogorugba through his aide in an attempt to stand truth on its head after been caught pants down in his machination of lobbying for a replacement of one of Isoko sons, Late. Rt. Hon. Tim Owhefere while he was yet to be laid to rest.

It is interesting, though not surprising, that instead of addressing the issues raised in the referenced article of ours, they elected to masturbate around it with an unsuccessful attempt to paint a saint out of a well known character who typifies deceit and treachery.

As for the attempt to box in truth, the crux and substance of our earlier publication which is to the fact that Mr Ogorugba and his group indecently rang the bell of politics of replacement in an ungodly hour when the whole of Isoko north was still mourning the sudden death of one of her sons remains a public fact and undeniable.

Our concerns are simple: Did Mr Ogorugba and his like contemplate the replacement of their revered “deity” in just moments after his death? In the manner of witches and wizards, did they hold night meetings to politick and ponder on the replacement of the late legislator? Did they troop to the Abuja residence of Rt. Hon Leo Ogor to cajole him into supporting some likely replacements from their camp? And finally, have they not planned another coven meeting in the next few days to throw up certain persons they wish in their vain minds, would replace Late. Tim Owhefere despite their fallacious claims of mourning?

We shall however help them out by making details of these meetings public in the coming days. We shall inform the world the motive behind the names they have thrown up including the one they think will be responsible for the financial liabilities of the late legislator using our common patrimony.

But whether they own up or not, we shall never relent in our resolve to expose personalities that have concomitantly disregarded our commonhood, debased our mandate, looted our common patrimony and fettered our youths with rods of slavery through the years.

The Isoko Renaissance Group is well known across Isoko with well established structure and with a singular objective of confronting a baked political order that has brought nothing but underdevelopment to our land. Our goal is to wrest on the side of the people for our common good. It is therefore most puerile for anyone or group to attribute facelessness to such a buoyant group.

In no uncertain terms, members of IRG are well established persons who believe power must be used to improve the lot of the people and not a greedy few. We also completely understand that the reason for the sudden menstruation of the leadership is that they never imagined a day will come when their ungodly deeds will be challenged by the people whom they thought had been conquered by them.

But we advise they brace up for more as we are poised to make them account for every minute they spend with our mandate in any capacity. We also advise they remain worried as we edge towards the State House of Assembly’s bye-election in the constituency.

We shall fight on the side of the people to thwart their plans to foist on us old and tired hands who have nothing to show for the previous and current mandates given to them by the people and by our God, we shall triumph.

Comrade Aghogho Oletu
Publicity Secretary
Isoko Renaissance Group

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