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Hon Tim Owhefere
Hon. Tim Owhefere


2019: Isoko North Constituents Give 13 Reasons why Owhefere Won’t Return To Delta Assembly

Political stakeholders across the length and breadth of the 13 wards in Isoko North constituency have added their voice to the call on Hon. Tim Owhefere not to bother to seek re-election to the Delta State House of Assembly (DTHA) come 2019.

Citing 13 genuine reasons why the lawmaker must look for an alternative employment in Lagos or elsewhere, they hinged their argument on the standpoint that each opportunity they have given to the DTHA member to represent them can only be likened to great treasure thrown into the deep sea.

  1. FAILED CAMPAIGN PROMISES : For three consecutive tenures that Hon. Tim Owhefere has been elected into the house, he’s not known to have fulfilled any campaign promise to any constituent that laboured for him and the party during the election. The era of overlooking him because of party supremacy is gone as we are prepared to hold him accountable for his political sins should he decide to run in 2019.
  1. ZERO CONSULTATION: While other members consult their constituents from time to time, Hon. Tim Owhefere is the direct opposite. He doesn’t need the input of anybody and the result of this is the recently approved 2018 Delta State budget where our political fate was sealed while he was politically fast asleep.
  1. ACCOUNTABILITY: One of the ways through which a politically elected leader can render  account to his constituents is by periodic briefing. And for 12 years running, our honourable member has not considered it necessary to call for a meeting to address us on how well he has managed our collective destiny in the State capital. We can no longer accept this.
  1. HE DOESN’T HAVE OUR INTEREST AT HEART: It is obvious that the member representing Isoko North Constituency in the DTHA do not have our interest at heart at all. Whether by his utterances, body language and general attitude one thing so clear is that Hon. Tim Owhefere doesn’t care what happens to us as a people.
  1. CITING OF MEGA PROJECTS: Can anybody proudly tell us whether a mega project has been attracted to Isoko North by our honourable member since assumption of office?
  1. PROFITEERING: When other members seek the good interest of their constituents, our own will award contracts to himself, turn around sell to others at cut throat price and thereafter fail to insist that such jobs are executed.
  1. ABANDONED PROJECTS HELMSMAN: Little wonder Isoko North Constituency can boast of the highest number of abandoned projects in Isoko Nation. Pictures don’t lie, we will show them in due course.
  1. DUMB REPRESENTATION: Apart from moving motions which his office as Majority Leader bestows on him, you hardly hear his voice on the floor of the house as he has absolutely nothing to offer to better the lot of Isoko North Constituents.
  1. EMPOWERMENT: We may be forced to change our mind and support Hon. Tim Owhefere in 2019 if he can point to 13 persons (one from each ward) he has empowered since he assumed office 12 years ago. We make bold to ask: who he help?
  1. NOT FORCEFUL AND PROACTIVE: A good leader must be forceful and proactive thereby attracting great development to the people he represents. As the 3rd most important member of the house, there is virtually no benefit that has accrued to his constituency in terms of projects or any other thing for that matter.
  1. MASTER OF THE BLAME GAME: A man who is aware of his failure and takes action to correct his mistakes is wise, but when a leader constantly attributes his failures to others then something is definitely wrong.
  1. ZERO CONSTITUENCY PROJECTS: Take a trip to Hon. Mariere’s constituency and take a good look at yourself so that you can be a better judge in 2019.
  1. HIGH HANDEDNESS: Our honourable member has been ruling us for the past 12 years with iron hand and we earnestly ask for a change.
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 All we are asking for is a man who has the milk of human kindness flowing through his veins. And this we believe, is not too much to ask.


Comrade Iruoghene Ufi

President, Isoko For Development (IFD).

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