Embezzlement of Funds: Delta State Polytechnic Rector in Hot Water Over Alleged Financial Impropriety

The Rector, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Prof. Job Akpodiete
The Rector, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Prof. Job Akpodiete

The Rector, Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Isoko North local government area of the state, Prof. Job Akpodiete, is currently in a web of financial scandal over alleged siphoning of millions of naira from the institution’s treasury through reckless award of contracts, buying of official vehicles, among others.

It was reliably gathered that the institution’s rector in connivance with other officials have allegedly stolen over N200 million through some contracts that were said did not followed due process.

Some documents gathered during investigation revealed that the rector, in 2017 used over N13 million in buying of cows, bags of rice, rams and other items which he used as gifts for friends and cronies during the Christmas celebrations.

Another N60 million was allegedly used for the clearing of the site, moulding of blocks, excavation for the contraction of the institution’s guest house, and over N200,000,000.00 million fraudulently disbursed through one Mr. H. I. Akumune, a staff of the polytechnic believed to be fronting for the rector.

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a senior management staff of the institution, disclosed that “This rector, Prof. Revd Job Akpodiete only came to liquidate Delta state polytechnic. I have never in my entire life seen a rector, a Revd, man of God as he claimed, who is as corrupt as this man. Do you know the rector, Prof Akpodiete, bought a Camry car for N35 million, a Corolla car for N21.5 million, another Corolla for N18.9 million and a hilux for N18.5 million as he assumed office. This man is corrupt.”

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The Rector, it was also learnt, has been running the school as a family property he gives appointments to his family members and kinsmen with unmerited fat salaries to the detriment of other ethnicity in the state and while reducing the salaries of part time staff from N60,000.00, he fraudulently increased his sitting allowance from N70,000 to N165,000.

Meanwhile, a front line transparency and pressure group, Isoko Monitoring Group, (IMG), known for fighting for the development of Isoko nation, Delta state and Nigeria in general, has petitioned Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, to as a matter of urgency, investigate the alleged corrupt and other fraudulent practices perpetrated by the rector and his cabal.

The group also called for the immediate sack of the rector and other officials involved in the scandal to serve as a deterrent to others.

The petition which was titled “Demand For The Immediate Removal Of Prof. Job Akpodiete, Rector Of Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro And Investigation Of Financial Impropriety.”, signed by the group’s President, Mr. Sebastine Agbefe, and obtained by our correspondent, expressed dissatisfaction over the corrupt manner the rector and other officials are running the affairs of the institution.

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According to the petition, “Our attention has been drawn to the multiple cases of suspected fraud and financial indiscipline against extant laws by the Rector of the Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro and we hereby formally drawn your attention to the same. Staff of the school who for obvious reasons do not want their identity known alleges as follows:

“That the Rector without due process and advertisement of a job of that magnitude as required under the Delta State Procurement Law awarded the construction of a guest house at an unknown cost and has disbursed over N90,000,000.00 (Ninety million naira) only to one Engr. H. I. Akumune suspected to be fronting for him.

“That the Rector with a reckless abandon embarked and bought vehicles at a whooping sum of N85,000,000.00 (eighty five million naira) at an inflated rate, in the face so-called lack of fund that has practically crippled the activities of the school while staff sometimes remain unpaid for several months.

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“That the Rector has been involved in the recruitment of both academic and non-academic staff without recourse to the extant laws of Delta and more so this employment tainted with ethnic coloration. The Rector and the management of the school are heavily involved in contract racketeering and kick-backs running into hundreds of millions of naira.

“That the staff of the school of Isoko extraction are grossly marginalized and subjected to daily intimidation, something that we find unacceptable.

These activities of the Rector, if unchecked threatens the existence of the institution as it has been reported that several departments of the school have failed or don’t have the requisite accreditations from professional academic bodies and the non-accreditation and withdrawal of accreditation has been linked to the lack of funds.

“We hereby demand for the immediate removal of the said Prof. Akpodiete while urging your government to investigate the finances of the school under Prof. Akpodiete and to take appropriate action.” the group said.

When contacted, the rector of Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, Mr. Job Akpodiete, denied the allegations, saying all approvals and release of funds were given nod to by the institution’s governing council.



  1. Why not managed a #10million car as the #Boss of the polytechnic so that #75million left over can be use for other pressing issues??? It is just a common sense than this mess you thrown yourself into!

  2. What a disgrace, debilitating,lobotomising,and hongodongomus Muay thia,that men viewed to b most spriptured will b misappropriating funs.what an iberiberism, what an oniedalistic attitude.he should b closely watch b4 our stadium will b sold to purchase another vehicle I rest my case

  3. I av cum to build brain n not to build buildings…. Nw he has cum to buy cars n emblezz moni n not to pay lectures….hmmmm wonder shall never end,Mr builder of cars plz keep building cars wit d moni.

    • Plz this allegations may be true am a graduate of that school I knw what I went though during clearance just to collect my result. Barely 3months he emerged d sit as a rector he increased fees to almost times 2 of d initial amount.

  4. Wait o,is dis not d rector before prof Obore?becus if he is d one then dis allegations may be true… Cus we d students suffer a lot back then becus of dis man. No chairs, no classrooms, d only once he started,he could not complete. Thank God for Prof Obore that came into d picture and change everything.

  5. I wonder where this people get their information from . Best as l know no staff of the polytechnic is unpaid ,beside state government pay staff salaries not the rector, the part time staff engaged by the polytechnic have always been paid even before government pay the permanent staff. The Rector does not approve any money above #1,000,000 ,any amount above that sum must go to the council and supervise by council if approved for any project. The only car used by the Rector is his official car which council gave approval to. The council chairman Rt. Hon. Funkekeme Solomon is a man of integrity who have served delta state at high capacity as a very transparent former speaker. It was in his tenure as speaker that the three polytechnic was born and he sat over the bill that established the school. I worked under the rector as a Dean of students and was privilege to be in several meetings with the council Chairman and his experience in governance and administration is unbeatable ,very versatile ,a brain box of knowledge . He can not seat over any misappropriation of public fun. I advise the posters of this scandalous post to withdraw it immediately or be ready for legal battle as the school is well equipped with the best legal luminaries to match any such frivolous and unmerited character assassination .

  6. In the days leading to the appointment of this rector, a section of the Isokos kicked vehemently against it, demanding that an Isoko man should be appointed Rector, even when Prof Akpodiete was extremely qualified to be. Good counselling prevailed and the Prof was appointed.
    From that date, a battle line was drawn between him and the Isokos, in whose ‘ land’ the institution is sited by the Delta State Govt. He was to succeed an Isoko Rector who had just completed his tenure; in fact the Isokos wanted a tenure elongation that was strange to the rules!
    I am therefore not surprised at the turn of events!
    However, I am aware that there are a lot of good hearted Isokos who would not buy into this myopic estimation and demands of these vocal Isoko minority extraction,haven been well exposed to events outside the Isoko environments.
    In the most unlikely event that the Delta State Govt finds it necessary to institute an inquiry into this most likely framed up accusations by this group,who ab initio were at daggers drawn on Apkodiete,it should be very transparent.
    I am told Prof Akpodiete is of the Urhobo extraction in Patani LGA of Delta State, so statutorily he represents Patani LGA.
    Let justice prevail!

    • There has not been any time lsoko people were at longer head with the appointment of prof. Akpodiete . And beside Prof. Akpodiete is Maternally from lsoko precisely Oleh , he stayed and school in his elementary days in Oleh hence he speaks lsoko even more than Urhobo . And he is a Deltan and every deltan is qualify to be appointed as a Rector in any of the institutions in delta state , and lsoko man was a rector of Ogwashi uku some time ago. When Prof. Obore was the Rector and even immediately he left these same imposters frame a lot of financial issues against the best rector ever produced in Africa . All eyes can attest to his gallant performances .To the extent the Ozoro community has to swear juju on those imposters . Some of them are those who come to seek for one benefit or the other, and when they could not achieve their purpose they turn around to blackmail .But they will surely meet their waterloo .


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