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THE ARENA: Delta APC Driven by a Shameless Blind Propagandist – Delta PDP


1st July, 2022


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State has described the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC’s) response to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s timely portrayal of the party as having poor knowledge of governance as tame, unreliable, and the intemperate work of lunacy driven by a shameless blind propagandist.

The PDP in a Press Release by its State Publicity Secretary, Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza stated that the attempt by the APC wild squawk otherwise called its Director of Communication and Strategy further confirmed Governor Okowa’s description of the opposition in the State as apt and a statement of fact that cannot be denied.

Osuoza said: “The APC propagandist’s reference to “key economic data and self-evident facts”, was supposed to mislead people into believing that they know what they are saying, but it actually falls flat on their faces because they could not define the so-called key economic data that is a self-evident fact. It is a well-known fact that as accusers, the onus of proof is on them to explain in a way that convinces by laying the so-called facts bare. Instead, they prefer to revel in a style that is spurious, illusory and take delight in the flash and splash of arguments that lack depth.

Indeed, it is given that their arguments will always lack the strength of feeling, which equally exposes their lack of intelligence and knowledge about how administration and the work of governance operate, thus confirming the governor’s position that Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the APC governorship candidate and his hack writers, indeed, have poor knowledge of governance.

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Because of their penchant for dishonesty and to beguile the sightless, the parochial elements feign ignorance of the massive development planted by the high-flying and visionary PDP Governor who has stamped his enviable footprints on Delta State’s sands of times. With the impressive and vastly appreciated good work of uplifting Delta State and her people from the doldrums, work that dots the nooks and crannies of the State, which Deltans, the main beneficiaries testify to, the State has sustained its high ranking among the comity of States in Nigeria. Check out the opening and linking of towns with good road networks, bridges that are opening up and connecting the riverine areas to other communities, the building and equipping of hospitals and health centres within appreciable communities, and the unassailable Job Creation efforts of the Okowa administration through the various youth development programmes that have made entrepreneurs and job creators out of erstwhile well educated but idle youths, to the vast establishment of educational institutions and facilities across all the Senatorial and Local Government Areas of the State.

The establishment of three universities in one fell swoop, with matching development of necessary infrastructure and the accreditation of the universities and various campuses by the National Universities Commission (NUC) makes no sense to sadists that compose the APC propaganda machinery. Do we need to remind them of the various landmark projects, foremost of which is the Prof. (Obi) Chike Edozien Secretariat, whose sheer architectural design, exquisite ambiance, and comfort for staff reminds you of the type of valuable structures obtainable in developed countries of the world? No, the man widely known for being shameless with carrying the burden of managing a tainted reputation thinks every other person must be like him.

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APC lazy propagandists talked about Delta is fast becoming the Keke capital of the world, but because of their incompetence at grasping and reading correctly, and because of their devious inclination, they cannot see that the Keke on Delta Roads are mainly operated largely by non-indigenes of Delta State from other States who came and have found peace and security in the State, and therefore, appreciate a conducive atmosphere where they could at least do business to make ends meet. Ima Niboro’s shadiness and the highhandedness of those he is working for will not let them give honour to whom it is due. They will not acknowledge that the population of persons coming into Delta State should be the result of the virtue of good governance planted by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa that has made the State peaceful and enticing to the Keke people, who are making brisk business the type they cannot get in their States.

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APC said: “Our local economy has no capacity to withstand even the slightest national economic shock,” we give them the challenge to prove this deliberately deceptive claim.

It is good and comforting news to us to learn at least that APC in Delta State is also aware that the other PDP-controlled States are doing very well in providing good governance, development, and meeting the yearnings of the people. That APC could not compare Delta State with the utterly dismal performances in States controlled by their party is kudos to the PDP as a party.

Every strike of a malicious attack on the person and administration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa by APC are attacks taken by Deltans with a pinch of salt. They can see things for themselves and they can read between the lines. For the good people of Delta State, such attacks are distorted information deceptively created to mislead the people. So, they are never trusted because they are far from the reality that Deltans see on the ground.

The PDP leaders and members will continue to appreciate Deltans for their continued and relentless devotion to our party. Your fondness for PDP is what the opposition is gloating over and fueling the hateful spite.

The totality of it is what has underscored the fact that Delta is PDP and PDP is Delta.

Thank you Deltans.

PDP! Power to the people!!

Dr. Ifeanyi M. Osuoza

State Publicity Secretary,

PDP, Delta State.

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