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DELTA 2023: Now that the Fog Has Cleared, Time to Count Our Teeth with Our Tongue

The Movement for Stronger Delta, MSD, finds it quite interesting to observe the sudden change of attitude from quarters otherwise known to be wild and unwavering in casting aspersions and attacking the person of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa over where the Delta governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will come from.

Before now the stormy rage had come from what someone once called “professional social media blackmailers”, some of whom, not minding that they are aides to the Governor, became hysterical out of sheer ethnic bigotry, posting ethnic threats on the social media space.

Yet, there are many others; among them, those who use the name of God in vain by disseminating disinformation, usually contrived from the figment of their imaginations, with the objective to blackmail and attract dishonest gains.

We are, therefore, taken aback to observe that these known skeptics, cynics, and ethnic champions in their social media vituperations some moments ago now post on social media stories that suggest they can now see clearly because the rain is gone.

One of them even stated that “Governor Okowa made a u-turn.” As it is usual with this one, it is a lie. Governor Okowa never made any U-turn. He has remained ever focused and committed to seeing equity, justice, and fairness play out, even as aspirants jostle to secure the PDP governorship ticket. He is a pragmatic political leader.

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It is this disparager, in his depraved mind, that sought through blackmail, to be hysterical put out disinformation on account of his ethnic bias. It is deceitful to want to get people to believe that Governor Okowa made a U-turn. He never made any turn, not to talk of a U-turn.

MSD has stated repeatedly that Governor Okowa will always do the right thing in the interest of Delta State and Deltans. The skeptics and cynics are just learning that Okowa is not a man to play to the gallery and that the unity of Delta State even in our diversity, remains paramount to him.

And this is the determining factor in the consideration by the political leaders of the party in the State, which may have finally decided that power should rotate among the three senatorial districts, not along ethnic or individual consideration.

Of course, the Governor, a man of the people, will always toe the lines of the majority having considered the ramifications of it all.

Truth is that Governor Okowa alone could not have done this without the input of the Party Leaders, whose sentiments, suggestions, admonitions, and considerations may have formed the mix for the unanimous decision that pointed the lamp unto the political direction to follow and the path to tread.

Now that what seemed a hazy confusion on the political horizon has cleared, we must commend the political artistry and skill of Governor Okowa, who is very clear about what to do, to put in place and achieve a firm understanding of the concept of power rotation in Delta from now on.

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By this masterstroke, our ebullient leader has convinced all about the need henceforth for people to always consider the person of another while taking vital decisions in matters that also concerns the other.

Like William Shakespeare would say, ‘one cannot continue to have too high an opinion of oneself with little understanding for others.’ We should always consider the sentiment and deep feelings of others in making decisions so as to carry them all along for the purpose of enthroning equity, fairness, and justice in running the affairs of the State.

We must reiterate that now that the fog is clear, it has become imperative to let aspirants seeking to fly the Delta PDP governorship flag know, that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is committed to providing a level playing field to all, and the Godly spirit in him will not permit him to do otherwise. He remains a man of equity, fairness, and justice.

This he fully exemplified when he was chosen to lead the National Convention of the PDP in 2019, which culminated in the unification of the erstwhile distraught members of the party, giving hope against despair and bringing strength to the PDP when it mattered most.

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The Conclusion of the matter was that PDP faithful saw the placement of equity, fairness, and justice at work in conducting the PDP National Congress. If Governor Okowa could do it for the good of the National Party, he would replicate same and even better here at home. We anticipate that this will become a model for the party from this time onwards.

Again, now that the fog has cleared, and without prejudice to any governorship aspirant seeking to prove his popularity at the party primaries for which Governor Okowa has pledged to provide a level playing field, MSD believes that contestants should begin now to analyse, strategize and meditate by using their tongues to count their teeth.

MSD believes strongly that doing so will make for less dissipation of energy, and enhance their fortune in seeking for political office, by allowing wisdom and understanding to govern and direct their actions. The Bible states that “Wisdom is the principal thing,” and went further to admonish that “In all your getting, get understanding also.”

Therefore, MSD calls on aspirants to allow wisdom to guide their thought process and posturings so that as a party and people we shall together achieve the ultimate desire of a #Stronger Delta for all Deltans.

This, for us in MSD remains the SIMPLE Agenda.


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